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The Land of OZ – July 24, 2013

“Robert Novell’s Third Dimension Blog”

Good Morning—I suspect that some of you are trying to decide what the picture above is all about. Well, that is the “Great “OZ” from the movie, “The Wizard of OZ,” and “OZ” is all knowing and all powerful. So, what does this have to do with aviation?

I have been working on the CRJ issue, along with the future of the regional airlines, and while I have found that almost all of the “Scope Clauses” for the main line carriers say the same thing about the use of 76 seat aircraft or less, I have not been able to find a single source that proposes a stand alone regional airline system that contributes to the long term health and welfare of the aviation community at large.

So, I am going to express my concerns with a few words about the promises made by the “Great OZ.” I invite you to comment here on this blog, or elsewhere, so that we can begin a dialog that may result in a change of how “Aviators” are viewed in the marketplace.

The Regional Airline System

 (“The Land of OZ”)

If, as Shakespeare said, all the world is a stage and as a “Professional” you are center stage, with the lead role, why would you accept a compensation package that provides no benefits, no long term protection, and sub-standard wages?

Have we as “Aviators” been so misled by the business community, and the Aeronautical Universities, that we now believe that the yellow brick road to happiness, and prosperity, must be paid for by mortgaging our future, our dreams beyond aviation, and the future of spouses and children?

In the “Land of OZ” can there exist the possibility that for those “Aviators” who don’t succeed in their quest, to land a job at a main line carrier, that they will have an opportunity to receive the rewards they are due?

Will the “Land of OZ,” where success is predicated on the cost-cutting demands of the main line carriers, ever mature, and evolve, in to an entity which is capable of standing on its own in order to  protect the interest of all “Professionals?”

To all “Aviators” who have not taken the time to understand the sacrifices made by those who came before you, I challenge you to re-think your position and not accept the slave labor practices that are being employed by “OZ.” The imaginary pot of gold that “OZ” said is waiting for you, once you have paid him to fly his airplanes, is not there based on the numbers I am seeing, and no amount of smoke, exploding plumes of flames, and thunder will change that.

I congratulate all “Aviators” who have met the challenges of the “Third Dimension;” however, your quest is only now beginning. Each of you must harness the energy found in the collective spirits of your brothers, and sisters, and move forward as an organized group of airline professionals and demand the pay, and benefits, you deserve.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow and if your outlook for your future in commercial aviation remains obscured by clouds then perhaps you, and all who read this, need to bring about the change that is required. Those who will follow in your footsteps will follow your example as a “Professional” and remember:

If you always think what you’ve always thought,
you will always do what you’ve always done.

If you always do what you’ve always done,
you will always get what you’ve always got.

If you always get what you’ve always got,
you will always think what you’ve always thought

Now that you know how I feel I will get down off my soap box. Please join me again on Friday when we will be talking about United Airlines. Until then—-Fly Safe/Be Safe.


Robert Novell

July 24, 2013