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May 27, 2013
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May 30, 2013
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Robert Novell Podcast – May 30, 2013

“Robert Novell’s Third Dimension Blog”

Good Afternoon—I hope the week has been good for everyone and with the weekend fast approaching I hope we all can kick back and enjoy a little R&R. I have just finished shifting the podcast over to a provider that will give me more storage space and minimize the work on reposting each podcast to the social media sites. So, don’t be surprised when you click on the podcast link and a new window opens up and connects you to Robert Novell at a different web address.

I have just posted a podcast on the birth of ALPA and I have two more that will publish this weekend which will put me back on schedule so please check back by on Sunday; in addition, the Friday blog will post on Saturday and the subject for this week will be nuclear powered airplanes.

Enjoy what is left of your week, take care, and fly safe.


Robert Novell

May 30, 2013