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Think Aviation Beyond Airlines – June 27, 2012

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Good Morning—It is Wednesday again and I hope that the week has been good to you and not too taxing on the spirit. This week I going to deviate from the “Pilot Shortage” articles and take you to a place I call “Aviation Beyond Airlines.” I hope that our detour will prove to be to your liking, and I hope to see you back here on Friday.

Now, before we go I found a few interesting videos on line this week and I narrowed it down to two which I have below. The first video is straight forward and the comments on YouTube were as interesting as the video so take a look when you have time. The second video comes down pretty hard on Colgan Airways and I am surprised Colgan has not tried to have this removed.

Take a look at the videos, enjoy the rest of your week, and be safe.


Robert Novell

June 27, 2012