Flying Machines From The Past - April 29, 2016

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Flying Machines From The Past – April 29, 2016

Robert Novells’ Third Dimension Blog

April 29, 2016

Good Morning,

I am glad that you were able to stop by to read about, and consider, the possibility of ancient craft that may have lead the way for NASA and others. To support this theory I am going to rely on a video, produced by the History Channel, to explain the facts but before I do consider the following:

The mythology of the Eskimos says that the first tribes were brought to the North by “gods” with brazen wings. The oldest American Indian sagas mention a Thunderbird who introduced fire and fruit to them. The Mayan legend tells us that the “gods” were able to recognize everything; the universe, the four cardinal points of the compass, and even the round shape of the earth.

What are the Eskimos doing talking about metal birds? Why do the Indians mention a Thunderbird? How are the ancestors of the Mayas supposed to have known that the earth is round?”

  Erich Von Daniken – Author of Chariots of the Gods published in 1968.

 The only thing that I will mention, before moving forward to the video, are the following questions – “Where did the German Swastika come from? How old is this symbol and what does it really mean?


Have a good weekend and fly safe/be safe.

Robert Novell

April 29, 2016