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Happy Easter – April 16, 2017

Robert Novells’ Third Dimension Blog

April 16, 2017

Good Morning,

Here in Colombia Easter is celebrated a little different than in the US. The week which leads up to Easter Sunday is called Holy week and is filled with numerous religious activities, prayers, and church services; however, work and  commercial businesses will shut down for two, or three, days prior to Easter Sunday and many people will use this time for a vacation with the family. Other countries in South, and Latin, America have similar schedules some of which resembles what we call Spring Break in the US.

So, regardless of where you are in the world, or how you celebrated the week, I hope that life will reward you, and yours, with the success and happiness that we all work so hard to achieve, but remember that each day of every week  should add value to your life. If this is not happening, then rethink your game plan and protect yourself, your future, and your family…….life is short.

Be happy, be safe, and keep friends and family close.

Robert Novell

April 16, 2017