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June 3, 2014
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June 26, 2014
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The H-4 Hercules

Robert Novells’ Third Dimension Blog

June 13, 2014

Good Morning- welcome back to the 3DB where aviation history is the topic of the day and today I want to prepare you for what I think will be an exciting time beginning in two weeks. I have been out of pocket now for almost two weeks and some of that time was spent in McMinnville, Oregon at the Evergreen Museum. A very good friend of mine provided me with an introduction to the museum curator there and, with his help, I will be giving you a complete history of the Spruce Goose and one other airplane at the museum.

This week I am in Alaska and once back in Seattle I will be going to Memphis, Tennessee for a few days, then onward to Miami for a break, and then back to Bogota, Colombia. Beginning in two weeks, I will begin the new series, as well as I will have a few other surprises for you, so for the upcoming week there will be no new post. The next post will be June 27, 2014.

Have a good weekend, enjoy time with friends and family, and fly safe/be safe.


Robert Novell

June 13, 2014