"I learned that danger is relative, and that inexperience can be a magnifying glass."
---Charles A. Lindbergh---
Is your proficiency in the airplane where it should be?

Is your proficiency in the airplane where it should be? This is a difficult question for anyone to answer including me; however, before I proceed with the specifics of what I know to be true I am sure that the first question that comes to mind for you is what makes me think that I am qualified to address this subject with any authority?

After thirty years, and twenty-thousand hours of flight time, I speak from experience. I have spent my entire adult life flying airplanes, from Piper Cubs to the Boeing 747, all over the world as well as working with DOD (Department of Defense) the last ten years flying an assortment of ISR aircraft, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and other locations around the world in environments that were challenging and demanding.

So, if you think I have the experience to show you a different way to train read on and you will quickly see there is a better way to protect you, your customer, and your family; however, if you feel that I am not qualified then read no more. I have no desire to waste your time.

As a professional pilot, owner operator of a high performance airplane, or operator of a special use aircraft I am certain that it is your desire to operate your aircraft to a standard that is the same that is expected of the professional pilot who flies for the airlines. To meet this standard you not only train professionally with Flight Safety, Simuflite, or others so that you are prepared for all eventualities but you stay abreast of all the necessary safety information required for your particular airplane and type of operation.

Does this make you the best you can be? The answer is no and let me tell you why.

First let’s understand the meaning of the word rote. Rote is: “The memorizing process using routine, or repetition, often without full attention or comprehension.”

Why is this process important to you as a professional pilot and to our discussion?

Let me explain...

We all know and understand the concept of rote because most of us used this method of learning to memorize the periodic table in High School, the real estate laws for your real estate exam/license, or any number of items in life that you needed to memorize to pass an exam and then immediately forget about 90% of those items because they are never used in the practice of your profession; however, what happens when we apply this concept to simulator training?

Most of us would agree that simulator training is about responding to the box and we do so with a practiced mechanical response, which is repeated numerous times during training until we reach a level of proficiency that allows a sign off by the instructor. Does proficiency in the box guarantee the same result in the airplane? This depends on the overall proficiency of the person/pilot and more importantly it depends on currency and your total time in the specific model of aircraft that you are currently flying.

Some would say that the term "Proficiency" is an elusive concept used as a marketing tool by the major players in the training business. No, this is not true. This is a solid concept but there has to be a blending of synthetic and organic training methods to provide a true proof of concept.

Do we as aviation professionals do this?

Do we as professionals have sufficient training in the airplane to confirm the confidence bestowed on us by our simulator instructor?

Again, what is it that makes me think that I am qualified to address this subject with any authority? Thirty years and twenty-thousand hours of flight time has allowed me to see, many times, what not to do and why. I speak from experience and nothing I will talk about, or do, is based on the hypothetical as often times you will do in the simulator.

I am ready to show you a different way to train, regardless of your location in the world, which you will quickly see is a better way to protect yourself, your customer, and your family. Are you ready? I am and I am ready to bring my experience to the table for you to use in a way that not only brings new confidence to you as an Aviator but will also allow a greater margin of safety for you and all that ride on your airplane.

Click on the link below for my complete resume, think about my point of view, and if you think I can add substance to your training program then contact me.

Together we will evaluate your needs and my abilities to add value to a program that will make you, and your organization, safer.

For more information contact me at rn@robertnovell.com