What is meant by “Gatekeeper of the Third Dimension?”

For me a “Gatekeeper” is any professional Aviator who recognizes the value of his/her abilities and does not allow the market place to dilute that value by working for wages that don’t protect the interests of all concerned. So, all Aviators are “Gatekeepers” because who better understands the complexities of the profession, the need to protect the interests of all who came before them and those who will follow in their footsteps, and the need to safeguard the lives of all who participate or ride as passengers?

That having been said I never expected to be paid $150,000.00 a year to flight instruct but I did demand a hourly rate that matched my qualifications and experience; however, when I was flying the heavy cargo jets I did expect the $150,000.00 (today’s dollars) a year plus a schedule that made life livable.

There are many inconsistencies in the pay scale of pilots now in part because the market is saturated but we as professional Aviators must look back at those who came before us and understand that there is a standard that should be applied and maintained by all. So, what is the standard?

The standard cannot be quantified until we establish a minimum time requirement for entry level positions, this is especially true of the regional airlines and the schools that are producing the entry level candidates, and this can only be accomplished if we as aviators speak with a single voice.

Who will be that voice or what organization will have that voice? I am not sure of this but as I move forward with the “Third Dimension Blog” I will lead the search and remind everyone weekly of the need to protect our profession, our future and the future of all who will follow.