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February 27, 2015
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Strawberry 5 – March 2, 2015

Robert Novells’ Third Dimension Blog

March 2, 2015

Good Morning and Happy Monday – The picture of the PBY Catalina, a Jack Hetterich painting found in the permanent collection of the Pensacola Naval Air Museum, is the featured image today and represents the first PBY U.S. patrol aircraft to spot, and report, the location of the Japanese Armada as it approached Midway Island on June 3rd of 1942. I fully realize that the battle of Midway is a distant memory for most so let’s start with a video, from the recent past, which will help jog your memory:

The pilot of Strawberry 5 was a young Naval Aviator named Howard Andy and his profile can be found HERE. I have also included a couple of videos that detail the Battle of Midway. The videos are documentaries that use actual footage of the events in Japan, and the U.S., both before and after Pearl Harbor, as well as they paint a complete picture of the players, airplanes, and ships involved in the conflict. Well worth your time and remember that this event in our history is considered, by most historians, to be the point at which the Japanese defeat in World War II began.

Have a good week, and remember…….Someday your life will flash in front of your eyes – Make sure it’s worth watching.

Robert Novell

March 2, 2015