Captain Musick - The rest of the story on Pan Am's Beginning and a Great Aviator who made it all Possible - January 27, 2023

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Captain Musick – The rest of the story on Pan Am’s Beginning and a Great Aviator who made it all Possible – January 27, 2023


January 27, 2023


Good Morning,

The gentleman pictured above, on the left, standing on the dock is Edwin Musick. He is standing by an Aeromarine seaplane and was a pilot for Aeromarine until they ceased operation in 1924. In the other picture above, on the right, showing the China Clipper on the first proving flight across the Pacific is Captain Edwin Musick as he climbs out of the S-42.

 Turns out that Captain Musick was the first pilot hired by Pan Am, he was their first Chief Pilot, and he was the Captain on the China Clipper when it made it’s first Pacific crossing in November of 1935. Another interesting fact is that Captain Musick routinely flew the Miami to Havana route for Aeromarine and guess who was at the controls of Pan Am’s first scheduled flight to Havana from Miami—yes, it was Captain Musick.

Captain Musick was a man of many talents but most of all he was a true aviation professional. Known as “Meticulous Musick” for the precision he demanded from himself, and his crews, in everything from the setting of aircraft instruments to the shine on their shoes and the crease in their trousers. Musick was famous for his cautious and conservative approach to flight operations and flew every new aircraft, and route, pioneered by the airline from 1927 until his death at the controls of the Samoan Clipper in January, 1938.

Click HERE for Captain Musick’s complete biography and take a look at some of the other links you will find on this page—well worth your time.

So, as you have seen in previous posts, the Colombians were the ones that helped bring Pan Am to life — thank you Colombia —  and Aeromarine provided Pan Am with many of the people, and expertise, to begin their journey to greatness….……..interesting.

Hope you enjoyed this look back at aviation history and at an aviation pioneer who is not often talked about. Take a look at the video below, have a good weekend, and fly safe/be safe.

 Robert Novell

April 20, 2012