1978 Airline Deregulation and the Future of Eastern Airlines – June 17, 2011
June 17, 2011
The Plane and the Iron Horse — Part One — July 8, 2011
July 8, 2011
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Eastern Airlines – June 24, 2011


Eastern Airlines

This week we continue our series on Eastern Airlines this week but we are going to let the ads (advertisements) of the time tell the story. Enjoy………………….



This concludes our series on Eastern Airlines as one of the “Big Four”. I hope you enjoyed this look back in time. Next month begins a new series so stay tuned and as always take a few minutes each day to reflect back on your roots as an aviator and help me identify what we as “Gatekeepers of the Third Dimension” need to do to protect our profession.

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Robert Novell
June 24, 2011