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March 19, 2012
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A Twist in the Cold War – March 21, 2012

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Good Morning—it is hump day and I want to give you a preview of what we will talk about on Friday. During the 50s the push was on to have first strike capability and the USAF gave birth to SAC (Strategic Air Command) as well as a system for ICBM monitoring and warning; however, the USAF was not the only player in this game and while the Navy was working hard on a Super Carrier, USS United States, there was an interesting twist that would add a new dimension to the quest for a new strategic bomber. I will detail this twist on Friday so stay tuned.

I hope your week has been good and all is well with the business of life and love. I look forward to being back with you on Friday and until then I would like to offer up a video from the lighter side of life and aviation.

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Robert Novell

March 21, 2012