The Rest of the Story on Pan Am's Beginnings - April 18, 2012

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April 15, 2012
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April 19, 2012
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The Rest of the Story on Pan Am’s Beginnings – April 18, 2012

 “Robert Novell’s Third Dimension Blog”

Good Morning,

Time to talk about Friday’s blog as well as wish everyone a Happy Wednesday… Hump Day….as we head toward the weekend. This week we will be talking about an Aeromarine pilot who became a legend but would never acknowledge his accomplishments publically or privately. A true pilot’s pilot and a man who we all need to know about.

Looking forward to being back with you on Friday and I have a video this week that was done by Foster Brooks on the Dean Martin show back in the 70s. The title is “Airline Pilot” and I think you will enjoy the humor even if it is a little dated.

Enjoy the rest of the week, take care, and fly safe.


Robert Novell

April 18, 2012