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The Wright Brothers Flyer – March 7, 2012

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Good Morning—hope you are having a good week and life is good for you and your family. This Friday I have Part Two of the Alaska Airlines series and this will finish up our story. Previous to this series we talked about Wien Air and we will see where Alaska Airlines tried to take over Wien, but failed, and had to pay the Federal Government a few dollars for their failed attempt.

Now, who remembers what the sales brochure for the Wright Flyer looks like? I didn’t but I do have a copy of the Wright Brothers sales brochure that I am attaching to the end of this. If you right click on each image, and then click view image, you can read most of the text.

Have a good day and please join me again on Friday as we finish up our series. Take Care, fly Safe, and enjoy the week.

Robert Novell

March 7, 2012