Aviation Wisdom From the Past - May 21, 2012

Braniff International and the SST – May 18, 2012
May 17, 2012
The North American XB-70 Valkyrie – May 25, 2012
May 23, 2012
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Aviation Wisdom From the Past – May 21, 2012

Robert Novell’s Third Dimension Blog”

Good Morning,

A few words of wisdom from the past and a few personal thoughts, from yours truly, to start the new week—-take care, fly safe, and thanks for allowing me to be a part of your week.

Robert Novell


Aviation Wisdom from the Past

"Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save."

Will Rogers

Thoughts from My Life as an Aviator

Life is short and most of us are keenly aware of that; however, remember that the minute we are born we begin to die, and you never know when that final day will be, so stay focused on what’s important for your success and the success of your family.

“Robert Novell”